The Must-Visit Sights of Daejeon, South Korea

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Daejeon is the transportation hub of South Korea. It is connected to all the major towns and cities in South Korea and can be reached within 90 minutes. This bustling city is known for its science and technology and also for its arts and culture.  

Daejeon Attractions


  • Daejeon Expo Science Park


As the name implies, this is a place where you get full information about science and technology. It houses the largest I-Max theater in the world. There is a wide range of pavilions and theaters here that are identified by their various themes. As I am interested in the latest technology, I found my visit to this park worthwhile.


  • Daejeon History Museum


This is the museum to visit for all those who like to know about Daejeon in depth. This museum has all the historic artifacts, the old age property, ancient documents, etc. The relic display hall is where artifacts are kept. The permanent hall is where the city’s cultural assets are kept. 


  • Sikjang Mountain


This is the highest mountain in Daejeon and is located about 623 miles above sea level. It is a favorite spot for lovers and romantic tourists and they prefer to visit it at night. The base of the mountains hosts a few ancient temples. There is also the Secheon Park here that is converted into an ecological prevention zone to protect the ecology preserves from getting destroyed. 


  • Dunsan-Dong


I am a night bird and love to enjoy the nightlife. If you are in Daejeon, then do not miss to visit this bustling place. It is a popular spot for friends to hang out at nights and it has many clubs and lounges. This is a partying paradise for all nightlife lovers.


  • Ppuri Park


This is also called the root park. I was impressed with the theme of the park that housed over 130 stone sculptures that had the details of the family names. It also hosts a museum, observatory, springs, an ecological forest, and woods bathing space.