Surrey, Canada: Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

This summer, I planned on a weekend trip to Surrey, British Columbia, with my kids. This city has a plethora of activities for families and children. The historic sites, shopping malls, outdoor activities, and restaurant, made out stay memorable. Here are some fun activities that you can be a part of when you visit Surrey with your kids.

  • Honeybee Center

Honey lovers; do not miss out on a chance to be here. Your kids can see the lives of bees and can be a part of a program where they can learn about bees. What’s interesting is kids get to watch the bees do their work from an enclosed space. There is a general store from where I got some honey products. It has different goodies that your kids are going to love. The on-site restaurant offers a honey-inspired meal and it is just delicious.

  • Bose Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

This is a seasonal activity. So you will be able to enjoy this during fall. Corn maze and pumpkin patch are hosted by the Bose farm. In order to make it through the maze, the kids have to answer some easy questions. You can also check out the pumpkin production with your kid on the field.

  • We Play Gym

This place took me by surprise. No doubt, this is the best place where you can spend some fun time with your kids. There are play structures, playhouse, slides, ball pit, spinning equipment, and play structures. There are some games that you and your kid can play. Another area called Be Chill is there for creative projects of arts.

  • 1001 Steps

Challenge your little one to get up and going. 1001 steps to the beach is a great adventure. We stopped on the way to click pictures and enjoy the view. The stairs lead you to a beach that you are going to love.