Samara – Experience the Best of this Beautiful City

The large city of Samara is situated along Volga River. I found so many things to explore here. Starting from historical monuments to the picturesque landscapes, you will find it all. It is a hive of activity. If you want to know what to do when you are Samara; check out the list given below.

Visit the Embankment

Along the Volga River, the embankment is an amazing place to visit. I found this to be one of the beautiful places in this city. Visit on a sunny day to create an unforgettable memory. Just lie on the sandy beach and spend a relaxing time. I also took a boat ride on the river.

Check Out the Zhiguli Mountain View

Zhiguli Gate is a great place when it comes to scenic beauty. You will find the Volga River running between two mountains. It is just a treat for the eyes. In case you are traveling with your partner, this is the perfect place to have a romantic date. Since it is a bit far away from the city, it took the bus. This dropped me exactly to the location. It might be crowded but you will not be disappointed.

Visit Stalin’s Bunker

It is a specific construction that had been developed in a short span of time. Stalin’s Bunker had been created during the Second World War. It took me back in time. The place is an interesting visit but might be a little difficult to get into. However, the effort will be worth it. Take a guided tour to learn more about this attraction.

Kuibyshev Square

This is the largest square in the city. I took a bike ride here. Wondering how? Well, this space is huge. You will find the Ballet House and the Opera to be close by. So, you can visit these two places, too,