Rostov-on-Don – Experience the Fun Things to Do

Rostov-on-Don is situated along the banks of the river Don. I found this city to be great for a leisurely holiday. There are some beautiful places that you can wander around, especially during the summer time. There are so many things that you can do that you are never going to get bored. Take a look at the fun things that you can do when you visit Rostov-on-Don.

Stroll Around Pushkin Street

The primary promenade of the downtown area is the Pushkin Street. It has been named after Alexander Pushkin. The street is filled with café, restaurant, and bars. This is a great place to relax on a weekend.  I also visited the State Public Library on a recommendation from a friend.  He loves the Library of Congress in DC & suggested this library to visit.  So glad to do so as it is rich in history and much to learn for sure. It is one of the biggest libraries to be found outside Moscow.

Travel to the Embankment

Want to explore the view of the river? How it is strolling the embankment. Since I visited in summer, I was able to catch street performances. There are activities that you can take part in. if you want, you can also go for a boat ride. The best thing about this place is the disco boat where you can dance throughout the night.

Taste Local Food at the Central Market

This is the regional market. You will fresh vegetables, meat, ice-cream, sweet, and some delicacies from Georgia and Korea. Even though you might not find touristy souvenirs, this place is worth a visit.

Visit Local Gardens and Parks

I found several beautiful parks around the city filled with natural beauty. A walk along the Pushkin Street will take you to some green spaces. Other places are to be found near Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. You can relax or take a walk in this park. If you are visiting with family, you can spend some quality time with them at here.