Essaouira – The Ranger City

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The city is one of the finest and composed cities I have ever been to. Centuries ago the city was ruled by the French rulers and that is why the architecture of the city represents the same. The city over time has housed many musicians and hippies all around, who used to perform and moved along. With so many explorers overtime in the city, it became a popular destination for the ones who just would like to wander around the streets and just spend their time exploring. There are several water bodies that are hosted by the city and along with them are famous for providing some exceptional water sports.

The Ramparts

These walls are the most historically important icon for the city. The walls were built back in the earlier centuries during wars for defending the warriors. They are as high as 160 meters and are almost 5 meters wide. They still are present but in a little bit of the withered condition. These ramparts give the city a very admirable statement for the tourists to appreciate and the city to be proud of. When you go for the tours you can spot the cannons still spread across the edge roof of the ramparts, giving a very iconic look.

Annual Music Festival

If you are visiting in the summers then one of the best things you will get to experience in between March and June are the music festivals that are held here every year for almost a period of two months. The festival is very vibrantly charming and is always themed with new discoveries. You will find all kinds of music performances like jazz or rock or hip hop, the environment and atmosphere becomes so lively it’s almost impossible to not get lost in the rhythm.