Reno – An Exotic Desert Valley Resort

Reno – An Exotic Desert Valley Resort

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On the north-western region of Nevada lays the city of Reno. From Las Vegas, we had to drive for nearly 7 hours to reach this colorful city. The place is situated at the foot of the mountain range- the Sierra Nevada which forms a desert river valley. The city has a cold desert climate with summers being fairly hot. The place has lots of entertainment venues with casinos and nightclubs. We spent our weekend in the city and the experience was unexpectedly pleasant. Noted below are the highlights of our short stay in Reno:

National Automobile Museum

Visiting the National Automobile Museum was a great experience. The place has 4 different galleries that exhibit more than 200 cars. The galleries are divided based on the time to which the cars belong. The first gallery has a display of the oldest cars that belong to the 1890s and 1900s. The second and third galleries exhibit cars that were manufactured until the 1950s. And the 4th one displays cars made from the 1950s to the present time. You can find all the top brands like Rolls Royce at this museum. The place charges an entry fee of $12 per person.

Animal Ark

Visiting Animal Ark was an adventurous experience. The place is located at Deerlodge Road and is nearly 25 miles from the National Automobile Museum. The zoo is not crowded and has an impressive display of wildlife. It is a great place for family outings, especially if there are kids in the group. Here, you can see wild animals like tigers, leopards, bears, turtles, raptors, and cheetahs. The place charges an entry fee of $11 per person. However, for kids, it is just $7.50.

Reno Riverwalk District

A walk down the Truckee River was the most relaxing part of our weekend. The beautiful bridge that connects the shores of the river offers great views of the scenic surroundings. The river has large pebbles lining its shores and the flow was swift with lots of ducks swimming around. There are lots of beautiful trees and foliage in this place. Many tourists were sitting on the rocky banks of the river near the bridge.

The Must-Visit Sights of Daejeon, South Korea

The Must-Visit Sights of Daejeon, South Korea

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Daejeon is the transportation hub of South Korea. It is connected to all the major towns and cities in South Korea and can be reached within 90 minutes. This bustling city is known for its science and technology and also for its arts and culture.  

Daejeon Attractions


  • Daejeon Expo Science Park


As the name implies, this is a place where you get full information about science and technology. It houses the largest I-Max theater in the world. There is a wide range of pavilions and theaters here that are identified by their various themes. As I am interested in the latest technology, I found my visit to this park worthwhile.


  • Daejeon History Museum


This is the museum to visit for all those who like to know about Daejeon in depth. This museum has all the historic artifacts, the old age property, ancient documents, etc. The relic display hall is where artifacts are kept. The permanent hall is where the city’s cultural assets are kept. 


  • Sikjang Mountain


This is the highest mountain in Daejeon and is located about 623 miles above sea level. It is a favorite spot for lovers and romantic tourists and they prefer to visit it at night. The base of the mountains hosts a few ancient temples. There is also the Secheon Park here that is converted into an ecological prevention zone to protect the ecology preserves from getting destroyed. 


  • Dunsan-Dong


I am a night bird and love to enjoy the nightlife. If you are in Daejeon, then do not miss to visit this bustling place. It is a popular spot for friends to hang out at nights and it has many clubs and lounges. This is a partying paradise for all nightlife lovers.


  • Ppuri Park


This is also called the root park. I was impressed with the theme of the park that housed over 130 stone sculptures that had the details of the family names. It also hosts a museum, observatory, springs, an ecological forest, and woods bathing space.

Tampico: Enjoy A Relaxing Holiday With Family And Kids

Tampico: Enjoy A Relaxing Holiday With Family And Kids

Tampico is in the state of Tamaulipas. It is a city, as well as a port. I found this city to be an environmental friendly place as a majority of the city is filled with amazing nature memoirs. Traveling to Tampico has been a rejuvenating experience. The city is clean and is the perfect place to visit with your family and kids. Here is a short guide to explore the points of interest of Tampico.

  • Ex Aduana Maritima

A Tribute to the City, this was the first stop on my must-visit list. This is because it offered it acknowledgment to several people who have lived and worked for uplifting Tampico. This place includes several guides which are going to boost up the starting of the week.

  • Nature Lovers

The most recommended tourist spot is Laguna Del Carpintero Tampico. It is quite friendly to the visitors. What I liked about this place was its maintenance. It is completely hygienic and also loitering isn’t allowed. You can take a walk and have delicious food. Near the lagoon, you will find small stalls. If you are traveling with kids, they are surely going to love this.

  • Pyramid Onlooker

The Piramide de Las Flores is known to speak an interesting history. This is a small and delicate place. However, if you want to find out more out about the history and culture of Tampico, you should definitely include this in your list. It is a historical mark of Huasteca, the pyramid which was surrounded by twenty pillars and had many places to worship around it around one point of time.

  • Freedom Square

This is just the ideal spot to click some photos and buy some souvenirs for your loved ones. If you are lucky you will get to see some cultural events here. It is a good spot to explore and have fun.

Surrey, Canada: Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

Surrey, Canada: Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

This summer, I planned on a weekend trip to Surrey, British Columbia, with my kids. This city has a plethora of activities for families and children. The historic sites, shopping malls, outdoor activities, and restaurant, made out stay memorable. Here are some fun activities that you can be a part of when you visit Surrey with your kids.

  • Honeybee Center

Honey lovers; do not miss out on a chance to be here. Your kids can see the lives of bees and can be a part of a program where they can learn about bees. What’s interesting is kids get to watch the bees do their work from an enclosed space. There is a general store from where I got some honey products. It has different goodies that your kids are going to love. The on-site restaurant offers a honey-inspired meal and it is just delicious.

  • Bose Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

This is a seasonal activity. So you will be able to enjoy this during fall. Corn maze and pumpkin patch are hosted by the Bose farm. In order to make it through the maze, the kids have to answer some easy questions. You can also check out the pumpkin production with your kid on the field.

  • We Play Gym

This place took me by surprise. No doubt, this is the best place where you can spend some fun time with your kids. There are play structures, playhouse, slides, ball pit, spinning equipment, and play structures. There are some games that you and your kid can play. Another area called Be Chill is there for creative projects of arts.

  • 1001 Steps

Challenge your little one to get up and going. 1001 steps to the beach is a great adventure. We stopped on the way to click pictures and enjoy the view. The stairs lead you to a beach that you are going to love.

Merida: Indulge In Beauty Of Plethora Of Attractions

Merida: Indulge In Beauty Of Plethora Of Attractions

Merida is one of the coolest places to visit in Mexico. However, many people tend to miss this when they choose a travel destination. Being the capital of Yucatan, it has retained much of the colonial charm. I found so many things to do here with or without kids. To say the truth it has something for everyone. As a matter of fact, it is simply great for all types of travelers. Here is my list of fun things you can do when you visit Merida.

  • Wander the historic center of the city

The best thing to do when you are here is to explore the historical center of the city. Plaza Grande is the epicenter where you can click photos to share on social media. When you go north, you will come across Parque de Santa Lucia. In the evening, you are going to find it filled with chairs and tables from the restaurants. However, if you have a less touristy experience then you should wander around a bit.

  • Chill in a Cenote

Merida is a great place to travel to but it might get very hot. Luckily, it is one of the best places on the planet to explore a cenote. These are actually limestone bedrocks of areas which lead you to an inviting and fresh pool of underwater. This was an awesome experience. You can relax and cool off on a hot sunny day. The stretch of cenotes close to Cuzama is really popular among the visitors.

  • Relax at Progresso Beach

In case you are tired of the hustle-bustle of the city, head to the fishing town of Progresso. It is along the Gulf of Mexico. The water might not be that clear but the sand is powdery and white. Moreover, beer, beach lounger, and lunch are going to cost you very little money.