San Francisco: Explore the Hub of Excitement

San Francisco: Explore the Hub of Excitement

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The financial, cultural, and commercial center of Northern-California, I found an assortment of activities that you can enjoy out here. The thing that I loved the most was the food. The city has got some of the best chefs in the world.  Let’s take a look at the best things that you can do out here.

Golden Gate Bridge

Just between Marin County and San Francisco Bay, you will find the mighty Golden Gate Bridge. It is a modern wonder of the world. This was opened in 1937. This stretches for 1.7 miles and is known to be the most photographed bridge. Before this was constructed, there was a ferry connecting the two places. The beauty of this place is simply going to enthrall you, click photos to tack back home as memories.

Fisherman’s Wharf

This is most popular waterfront community of San Francisco. What I loved about this place was great food. There are standing stalls those delicious crabs. Other than this, you will also come across gourmet restaurants which sell your fresh fish from the catch of the day. I took a walking tour from here. If you want, you can also go for a boat ride.

Alcatraz Island

This is a 1.5 miles shore. The tiny was used as a military fortification. It was a federal prison, as well as a military prison. Several infamous prisoners have been imprisoned here. If you love history like me, you should surely pay a visit. Go explore the depth of this prison to learn about the past.

Golden Gate Park

This is another amazing attraction of San Francisco. It stretches over 1017 acres and has several places that you can explore. There are gardens where you can relax and picnic ground to have a picnic with your family. Many events take place in this park throughout the year. I spend some relaxing time here away from the bustling city.

Essaouira – The Ranger City

Essaouira – The Ranger City

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The city is one of the finest and composed cities I have ever been to. Centuries ago the city was ruled by the French rulers and that is why the architecture of the city represents the same. The city over time has housed many musicians and hippies all around, who used to perform and moved along. With so many explorers overtime in the city, it became a popular destination for the ones who just would like to wander around the streets and just spend their time exploring. There are several water bodies that are hosted by the city and along with them are famous for providing some exceptional water sports.

The Ramparts

These walls are the most historically important icon for the city. The walls were built back in the earlier centuries during wars for defending the warriors. They are as high as 160 meters and are almost 5 meters wide. They still are present but in a little bit of the withered condition. These ramparts give the city a very admirable statement for the tourists to appreciate and the city to be proud of. When you go for the tours you can spot the cannons still spread across the edge roof of the ramparts, giving a very iconic look.

Annual Music Festival

If you are visiting in the summers then one of the best things you will get to experience in between March and June are the music festivals that are held here every year for almost a period of two months. The festival is very vibrantly charming and is always themed with new discoveries. You will find all kinds of music performances like jazz or rock or hip hop, the environment and atmosphere becomes so lively it’s almost impossible to not get lost in the rhythm.

Samara – Experience the Best of this Beautiful City

Samara – Experience the Best of this Beautiful City

The large city of Samara is situated along Volga River. I found so many things to explore here. Starting from historical monuments to the picturesque landscapes, you will find it all. It is a hive of activity. If you want to know what to do when you are Samara; check out the list given below.

Visit the Embankment

Along the Volga River, the embankment is an amazing place to visit. I found this to be one of the beautiful places in this city. Visit on a sunny day to create an unforgettable memory. Just lie on the sandy beach and spend a relaxing time. I also took a boat ride on the river.

Check Out the Zhiguli Mountain View

Zhiguli Gate is a great place when it comes to scenic beauty. You will find the Volga River running between two mountains. It is just a treat for the eyes. In case you are traveling with your partner, this is the perfect place to have a romantic date. Since it is a bit far away from the city, it took the bus. This dropped me exactly to the location. It might be crowded but you will not be disappointed.

Visit Stalin’s Bunker

It is a specific construction that had been developed in a short span of time. Stalin’s Bunker had been created during the Second World War. It took me back in time. The place is an interesting visit but might be a little difficult to get into. However, the effort will be worth it. Take a guided tour to learn more about this attraction.

Kuibyshev Square

This is the largest square in the city. I took a bike ride here. Wondering how? Well, this space is huge. You will find the Ballet House and the Opera to be close by. So, you can visit these two places, too,  

Salvador: Where to Go and What to Do?

Salvador: Where to Go and What to Do?

Salvador attracts tourists throughout the year from all across the world. I discovered a plethora of activities to do out here. You are never going to run out of options. Starting from scenic beaches to historical structures, you will find it all. All these attractions will make your vacation more exciting. Let’s take a look at the things that you can do when you plan to visit Salvador.

Farol Da Barra

One of the most popular beaches in Brazil is Farol da Barra. The view of the ocean from the beach is just spectacular. I spend time lying and walking around the beach. If you love natural beauty like me then this the place to bring loved. You are going to have an experience of a lifetime in here. Also, you will find many beach cafes and restaurants close to the ocean where you will get some delicious food.

Sao Francisco Church

You should not miss out on this when you are in Salvador. I found the architecture of the building to be exclusive. The interior design is equally splendid. Believe it or not, it is the richest church that you will come across in Latin America. It showcases the history which dates back to the days of labor plantations. You will learn about the cruelty of the plantation owners.

Ponta De Humaita

Ponta de Humaita is located at the edge of de Itapagipe. It draws a lot of tourists all year round. Here, you get to witness nature at its best. I visited early morning during sunrise. It is the most beautiful sight that I ever experienced in my life. Carry your camera to capture some spectacular pictures. I planned to sit around until lunchtime to breathe in more of nature.

Rostov-on-Don – Experience the Fun Things to Do

Rostov-on-Don – Experience the Fun Things to Do

Rostov-on-Don is situated along the banks of the river Don. I found this city to be great for a leisurely holiday. There are some beautiful places that you can wander around, especially during the summer time. There are so many things that you can do that you are never going to get bored. Take a look at the fun things that you can do when you visit Rostov-on-Don.

Stroll Around Pushkin Street

The primary promenade of the downtown area is the Pushkin Street. It has been named after Alexander Pushkin. The street is filled with café, restaurant, and bars. This is a great place to relax on a weekend.  I also visited the State Public Library on a recommendation from a friend.  He loves the Library of Congress in DC & suggested this library to visit.  So glad to do so as it is rich in history and much to learn for sure. It is one of the biggest libraries to be found outside Moscow.

Travel to the Embankment

Want to explore the view of the river? How it is strolling the embankment. Since I visited in summer, I was able to catch street performances. There are activities that you can take part in. if you want, you can also go for a boat ride. The best thing about this place is the disco boat where you can dance throughout the night.

Taste Local Food at the Central Market

This is the regional market. You will fresh vegetables, meat, ice-cream, sweet, and some delicacies from Georgia and Korea. Even though you might not find touristy souvenirs, this place is worth a visit.

Visit Local Gardens and Parks

I found several beautiful parks around the city filled with natural beauty. A walk along the Pushkin Street will take you to some green spaces. Other places are to be found near Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. You can relax or take a walk in this park. If you are visiting with family, you can spend some quality time with them at here.


Three Ways to Conquer Language Barrier while Traveling

Three Ways to Conquer Language Barrier while Traveling

Are you preparing for an international trip? You should figure out how you will communicate with the people who do not understand English in your destination. Communication is crucial in whatever you will do abroad. Chances are that you will meet a lot of people who do not understand English. You should know how you will communicate with them before you leave. The following tips will help you to overcome the language barrier.

  1. Learn the Foreign Language Before you Leave

There are many applications you can download to aid you learn a foreign language. Do not fear to learn because you do not have to master the language. You only need to know some few necessary words. For you to be fluent in a foreign language, you must know at least one thousand words. To survive, you need to know two hundred words only. If you are visiting a country where English is neither a second nor a third language, an application like DuoLingo will help you to learn faster. Play it severally to know the meaning and pronunciation of at least three words per day. Within a month, you will have enough words to communicate.

  1. Invest in Language Supplies

The chances are that you will find yourself out of the office and without an interpreter. Since you do not understand the foreign tongue, language supplies will be of tremendous help. Language supplies are materials like pens, papers, and notebooks. Sometimes you need pictures also. Imagine how frustrating it can be if you want to use a taxi, but you have forgotten the name of the address. You can be in a real problem because communicating with the driver will be impossible. Language supplies come in handy in such situations. Every new word which you think is vital should be written down and pronunciation practiced. There are important words like the name of the street you are staying in, what you do and greetings. You must know and pronounce these words well.

  1.  Let the Locals Teach You

Probably the most efficient and enjoyable way to learn a foreign language is by getting it directly from the local people. It will be both pleasant and efficient. You will have instant answers to your questions and you will be sure to get the right pronunciations. As you go about your business, make an effort to learn one or two new words every day.

  1. Learn Language Over the Internet

If you have time, you can register for a basic course of foreign language from the internet. You can sign up to a site like the Language School Overseas. You can study for a few weeks and will have enough words to survive in a foreign country.


There are hundreds of languages in the world. If you travel abroad constantly, you need to familiarize yourself with the local language before you leave. The above tips will aid you in learning a foreign language so that you will communicate well when you are overseas.